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Aluminium Castings

Adamstown Engineering Ltd. provide aluminium castings for public and private sector clients throughout Ireland.


Our experienced engineers use sand casting and gravity die casting as their chosen methods for manufacturing aluminium castings that are used to create:

Aluminium Castings

  • Aluminium bins

  • Aluminium lamps

  • Marker plates

  • OEM aluminium castings

Sand casting is the simplest production method and is the favoured method in our aluminium foundry for larger castings, short-run or complex castings with multiple cores.


Adamstown Engineering Ltd. also specialise in gravity die castings when producing medium-run components from aluminium and other non-ferrous alloys for applications across a wide range of industries.

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Advantages of Sand Casting

Advantages of Sand Casting

  • Intricate and complex castings can be achieved with multiple internal cores

  • Lower setup cost than gravity die casting

  • Majority of sand can be reclaimed

  • Many different kinds of metal alloy can be cast using this process

Advantages of Gravity Die Casting

Advantages of Gravity Die Casting

  • Outstanding dimensional accuracy

  • Smooth cast surfaces

  • Rapid production rates mae longer production runs possible

  • Tensile strength higher than sand casting

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you undertake a fixed delivery schedule?

    Adamstown Engineering Ltd. will adhere to all agreed delivery dates and schedules as stated on any agreed order. Get in touch with us to discuss your specific requirements.

  • Which surface finishes can you provide?

    Casting can be supplied with a variety of surface treatments such as lacquering, painting, alocrom, plating or anodising. Castings can also be supplied in their natural state.