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Dive Weights

Adamstown Engineering Ltd. manufacture cast lead dive weights for commercial, military and recreational clients in Ireland.


Our highly-skilled craftsmen produce a variety of dive weights, scuba diving ankle weights and bespoke weight belt diving equipment for our customers.


The scuba weights we manufacture come in both single and double pass styles. A single pass weight is the optimal choice for adding a greater amount of weight on a given length of belt.


Alternatively, a double pass weight will comfortably fit around your body thanks to its curved surface area.


Whether you are looking to add weight to your diving belt or you want to manufacture bespoke scuba diving ankle weights, we will be able to create diving equipment that is fit for purpose.

We manufacture bespoke equipment for divers of all experience levels

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What sizes are dive weights available in?

    A lead scuba dive weight are available in a number of different sizes to help you get an accurate balance of weight. Typically, we manufacture 1-5lb units that fit within a diving belt. Get in touch to share your specific requirements with us.

  • Why do I need diving weights?

    Divers are able to offset the buoyancy of their body, wetsuits and air tanks by using dive weights. Positioning in the water is also aided by wearing correctly weighted accessories.