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Imprinted Concrete Sealer Ireland

Matcrete supply a large range of concrete sealer products to commercial and domestic clients throughout Ireland.


We are an imprinted concrete sealer Ireland stockist and help our customers seal concrete surfaces by providing a barrier against spillages and the growth of algae and moss.


A concrete floor sealer will also make the task of cleaning easier while also enhancing the finish and overall colour of your patio, floor or concrete driveway.


Every concrete sealer product we supply is extremely durable and hard-wearing. Matcrete have a range of imprinted concrete sealer products that are suited to all types of driveways and patios.


Driveway and patio sealing products are available in various finishes and applied by simply using a brush, roller or sprayer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I know I have applied the correct amount of concrete sealer?

    The correct application amount is best judged by appearance. Excess sealer should not be allowed to form a film on the surface as this would be damaged relatively easily. A correctly sealed surface should have a low sheen, giving users a durable and resilient surface.

  • As a concrete sealer Ireland stockist, what type of products do you have?

    Matcrete stock a wide range of sealers, including matt finish sealer products. Get in touch with us to learn more about our entire range of sealers and associated products.